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How to Have an Awesome Sex Life after Kids

How to Have an Awesome Sex Life after Kids

By now, you already know that what your elders have been telling you is nothing but truth: life changes as soon as you have children. Many parents can testify how they’re somehow forced to take on more responsibilities and be more mature and wiser with their decisions. After all, they’re not living their lives for themselves anymore.

But if there’s one thing that is often overlooked in this whole life-changing experience, it’s the fact that couples tend to have less sex after kids. According to a survey by Family Circle, 1/3 of mothers who responded didn’t have sex for years! Can you imagine that?

Sex is one of the best things about being married, and it may sound so mushy, but it still remains a great expression of love. Having kids should never be an excuse to let it go.

To make it still awesome, we have the best tips right here for you:

1. Take care of yourself.

One of the foremost reasons why women forget about having sex is because they’re too conscious of their body image. Many women tend to gain weight after childbirth, for example. It may be a tough thing to do, balancing all your responsibilities, but find time to pamper yourself. These days exercises such as Tabata guarantee fast weight loss in just 4 to 20 minutes. Taking your baby out in the park early in the morning is a win-win, as not only do you get to bond with your child your body gets the vitamin D it deserves. The bottom line is, love yourself even more. You’ll discover that when you have much of it, you also become more caring and loving of others, especially to your spouse.

2. Go on, touch him.

Who says foreplay should happen a few minutes before sex? In fact, you can make it last the entire day! The little touches and show of affection that you make may be already enough to keep him fantasizing about you. That stroke around the arm, a little play by the hair, a short nibble of the ear, a slow deep kiss as soon as you both wake up, or a naughty text message while he’s in the middle of work—these can all count to a passionate night in bed later.

3. Date each other.

If there’s one thing sex experts agree, it’s that couples should never stop dating even after they’re married, more so when they already have children. Dates just simply take you back to the time when you’re deeply in love with each other; they can usually ignite the passion that may have been lost because both of you have been busy raising children.

To make sure you don’t forget to have one, stick to a regular schedule. This way too you can prepare for a nanny or a family member who can watch over your kids. A few pointers, though: since the day is all about both of you, leave talks about kids for a while, and yes, don’t go out on dates with your children in tow unless they’re designated as a family day.