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5 Wrong Ideas Women Have about Men

5 Wrong Ideas Women Have about Men

It feels awkward to write on an online magazine for women simply because I belong to a wholly different anatomy. However, I am talking on behalf of the legions of men who were wronged by thousands of women around the world for the simple reason they don’t really quite get who we are.

Today let me correct some of your most famous assumptions about us:

We are always thinking about having sex—only.

While I don’t think about sex this often, I love it just as much as the rest of the guys and, of course, women. Otherwise, there would be no flirting and trying to get second and third base or leaving sexually charged messages in social media or cell phone. We may think about it more, but that doesn’t have to mean that you don’t. Most of all, sex is just one of the many things we look for in a woman.  In the end, we want someone who’s willing to enjoy life and embrace it with passion.

We can’t commit.

Your girlfriends have already warned you: saying yes to us means embracing uncertainty. We can’t just commit, right? It won’t be long before we leave you in the dumps. Some men are cruel, but so are the thousands of women out there who treat their men like dirt. Moreover, I have many friends who have been in a relationship for many years, and they’re happy being in that situation.

The point is this: men can’t commit if they’re not sure if you’re the one. You’ll probably do the same thing if have that nagging doubt in your head. But then, more often than not, we’re willing to stick it out with you and the relationship because we also want to make it work.

We are inherently cheaters.

True, a huge percentage of divorces happen because of infidelity. Further, around 50% of men had admitted to cheating. Thus, women talk about it as if it’s part of our DNA, passed on by our equally cheating ancestors.

I am not trying to downplay unfaithfulness however “justifiable” the reasons are. However, know that not all men do that, and many who did are willing to spend the rest of their lives deeply remorseful over such grievous mistake.

We are incredibly insensitive. 

One of my previous girlfriends decided to break up with me because I was just “too insensitive,” that I didn’t care much about her pain or suffering in the relationship. It’s not that I was—I just felt I should not feed on her self-pity. Ladies, we are not insensitive. We are humans too, and we feel all sorts of emotions, both positive and negative. We just have a completely different ways to deal with them.

All we care about is football.

Well, there’s some truth to that, but hey, we also enjoy cuddling, sleeping, and going out on dates with you. We don’t mind going the extra mile, even to the point of going Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, for our women.