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5 Signs You’re Dating a Jerk

5 Signs You’re Dating a Jerk

Not all men are jerks, and yet these days, it is hard to know who belong to the second group as they may look too damn perfect. The following signs, however, may give you the essential clues you need.

You may be dating an all-out jerk when:

He criticizes you almost all the time.

Admit it, we all need some tough love once in a while, but there is a huge difference between honesty born out of love and being overly critical. If he spends more time talking about the supposed bad things or features you have rather than appreciate who you are and love the nicest things about you, then you’ll be very lonely in your relationship. Besides, haven’t you heard of emotional and psychological abuse?

He loves to rain on your parade.

Mary had just recently been promoted in her company from a team supervisor to a manager. She had waited for this for so long and even shared it with her boyfriend, Paul. Over dinner, she shared the good news with him, only to feel awkward and uncomfortable when Paul decided to talk about how women can sometimes be so selfish, narcissistic, and ambitious.

Men who do not share in your successes are better left in their own misery—trust me.

He cheats on you.

Although we all grow up being taught to love and forgive, that does not have to mean you should tolerate cheating. On the other hand, cheating men don’t deserve reprieve right away, regardless of their excuse. Now if you’ve forgiven him but he constantly does that behind your back, then perhaps you’re the fool in the relationship.

He backstabs your loved ones.

One of the best ways to show disrespect to you is when he starts talking about your loved ones, especially your family, in a very offensive manner. Sometimes it takes a while before your friends and family will warm up to the idea of having him around in your life, and there are moments when getting them to love him—or vice versa—take a while and even prove to be a challenge. However, that should not be an excuse to turn you against them.

He does not respect your time.

Good men do demand attention and time—when they think you’ve been so busy with something else and you’re losing sight on the relationship. Jerks do that as well, but then, they leave you out just when you give in to their demands. For example, they take your time for granted. Girl, your life doesn’t completely revolve around him, and you also have other important things to do other than to wait when he’s going to show up on your dates or Friday movie marathons at home.

Now whether you want to keep him in your life or not is all up to you, but remember, the more you’re stuck in a bad relationship. The more you’re wasting your time. Who knows, you’re missing out on somebody extra special.