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What Makes Geniux The Ultimate Brain Pill?

What Makes Geniux The Ultimate Brain Pill?

What Is Cognitive Enhancement?

Historically, the idea of improving mental function by medical means has been very compelling to large numbers of people, as shown for instance by the extensive ongoing Internet discussion on this topic

People who have used drugs or supplements purporting to boost mental function have contributed testimonials about their effectiveness, safety, and comparative benefits and drawbacks, reporting wildly divergent experiences and results. Some of the most frequently used brain-enhancing agents, prescription medications like the amphetamine-based Adderall, come with serious side effects which are driving the public’s search for better alternatives.

Fortunately, natural substances already exist which offer the same beneficial effects on attention and mental endurance, without the drawbacks of synthetic drugs.

Naturally-formulated supplements such as Geniux offer ways of improving mental ability which actually support brain health. Before taking a comparative look at the cognitive-enhancement benefits of Geniux as opposed to other substances with similar effects, it is useful to make certain clarifications to our topic and take a look at how these substances work.

Modern workplaces and school programs are placing increasing demands upon individuals’ ability to absorb, process and remember new information. Our attention is pulled in a million different directions whether we are checking data sheets on a computer, studying for tomorrow’s difficult exam or doing something as relatively simple as driving a car.

Challenges emerging in day-to-day life, such as stress, fatigue, and the many elements around us which compete for our attention, can constitute serious impediments to our mental functioning.

Competitive jobs and tasks where a worker is in a continuous race with peers to achieve better productivity levels or to absorb large amounts of information in short amounts of time can result in chronic feelings of being behind on projects and even in anxiety, further diminishing the brain’s capacity to focus on getting things done.


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Students and professionals alike stand to benefit from any kind of boost to their mental clarity, focus, attention span and general energy levels.

Especially taunting under these circumstances is the brain’s ability to experience natural, sometimes surprising, fluctuations in its levels of focus, attention and energy.

Everyone would like to steer clear of slow days when the mind seems to have difficulty connecting with the tasks at hand, and experience more frequently days of great mental clarity and ease in processing information and learning new things.

The desire for that kind of state has made coffee and various herbal teas into a staple of the diet of millions of people every day.

As modern science progresses, it is already in a position to offer better solutions to this problem than can be found in a mere cup of coffee or tea. Finding means to improve the functioning of the healthy human body does not seem to be just an accidental by-product of the progress of modern medicine towards treating disease.

Arguably, curing disease and making life better for individuals who are already healthy are two complementary facets of the same medical practice. In this regard, athletes have for decades been more keenly aware than the general public of the ability of certain chemical agents to boost the functions of the body and improve endurance, often relying, more or less legally, on the ability of various substances to boost their competitive performance.

But issues concerning the body are not the last bastion for this kind of medical research.

As a physical organ, the brain itself can be affected by chemical agents to worse or better effects. The fact that chemicals can improve the brain’s overall ability to respond to the demands of everyday life — such as the need for sustained attention and focus, or to stave off fatigue and stress — is causing a race for the development of increasingly effective products to stimulate these normal functions of the brain.

And while the property possessed by certain substances to improve brain function is not a new discovery, as the wide-spread consumption of coffee and tea shows, modern medicine is uniquely positioned to open up new possibilities for achieving this goal in a safe, controlled fashion, and dramatically change the self-improvement game.

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What Is At Stake In The Use Of Cognitive Enhancers?

In addition to health-related issues surrounding the topic of brain enhancement, certain ethical questions also arise in this connection, just as they do in connection with the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports.

For instance, do the benefits of brain boosters constitute an unfair advantage over people who do not or cannot use such supplements?

A wide-ranging ethical debate is in progress to establish the role that cognitive enhancers should play in our world. The relevant factors to such a debate are medical, social, and ethical.

Any productive discussion on this topic will have to properly catalogue the available range of substances with brain-boosting effects, establish proper terminology for them, determine their physical effects and side effects, as well as other potential negative consequences associated with their use, and establish the legal framework appropriate for their distribution.

Arguments Supporting Cognitive Enhancement

Efficient brain function is not a constant, and mental performance fluctuates naturally on a day-to-day basis depending on the variable chemistry of our brains which in turn depends on countless other subtle factors.

While in itself the brain is a stable biological mechanism, it can work better or worse, and its performance can be improved or worsened by the intake of various substances. We know that the brain can be helped to consistently do more with help from substances with cognitive enhancing effects.

These agents increase mental activity and vigilance, which translates to being more efficient in your tasks. Cognitive enhancers can increase and maintain your focus, diminish the intrusion of distractions, make you more alert, motivated, and they can improve memory function.

The ability of these substances to facilitate thinking clearly, processing data more quickly, retaining more information and working for longer stretches of time have great implications for productivity and are making them an increasingly popular solution to the demands of modern workplaces and study halls.

Many students and professionals whose jobs require sustained attention, focus and clear thinking are either already taking nootropics or will do so in the future to obtain a competitive advantage in their fields of activity.

Who would say no to improved mental performance, especially if the risks are low enough, when one’s peers are all benefiting from it?

The question about brain-enhancing substances is thus not if they have a place in our world, but rather, which of the brain-enhancing agents available are safest for use.


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Nootropics vs. Smart Drugs

Several terms are somewhat confusingly used to describe brain-enhancing substances in the abundant Internet literature on this topic. While the effects of these substances may partially overlap, there are also fundamental differences in their chemical composition, how they work on the brain, and the more general scope of their effects (on the body, on mood, their potential for resistance, addiction, abuse, and effects on behavior).

The two most important terms used to describe cognitive enhancement substances are “nootropic” and “smart-drug.” They are often used interchangeably, although this way of using them bundles together substances which are very different in their chemical composition and in their effects on the brain.

According to its definition, the word “nootropic” refers specifically to substances which improve brain function and are medically safe to use, in that they do not have many or serious associated side effects. The definition of nootropics also stipulates that they are not supposed to be mood-altering or psychoactive.

These substances improve neurotransmitter function, which in turn stimulates learning and memory, as well as neuronal and vascular function, improving the blood flow to the brain. This also boosts cognitive function. Nootropics improve the availability of neurochemicals in the brain essential to such factors as attention and focus, and even stimulate nerve growth.

This is the mechanism through which such products improve learning, attention, and cognitive skills.

By contrast, the term “smart drug” refers more specifically to prescription medications used in the treatment of conditions such as ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) and narcolepsy. It most accurately describes drugs such as Adderall. In itself, the use of such drugs should not be excessively risky if done over limited periods of time and in accordance with their pharmacological indications. In fact such drugs have proven effective for their medically-approved applications.

However, their positive effects on focus, vigilance, wakefulness, and mental clarity in healthy people may actually come at a hefty price. Long term use of these substances is associated with a potential for developing resistance, for abuse, and even for brain damage.

These artificial pharmaceuticals are formulated to treat specific medical conditions like ADHD and narcolepsy.

They only incidentally have enhancing effects on mental functioning in persons who do not suffer from such conditions. To use medications like these for other purposes than those officially recognized for their use is a risky choice, both medically and legally.


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Because they are prescription medications, a potential buyer can only get such drugs legally if they are able to prove to a doctor that they suffer from a condition for which such drugs are normally prescribed. The only other avenues to procure the drugs are illegal, or barely legal ones, which offer no assurance that the buyer actually gets what they ordered.

Additionally, such drugs carry serious side effects not only on the body of the user (potential brain damage with long-term use), but also on mood (depression, anxiety), as well as behaviorally (resistance, dependence, abuse).

By comparison, what sets natural nootropics apart from synthetic, prescription-based brain boosters is that they actually help improve the long-term health of the brain while providing the same desirable mental benefits of superior concentration, memory and information processing.
Natural supplements conform to the definition of the word ‘nootropic‘ because they are non-addictive and have few or no side effects.

Furthermore, natural nootropic products have dozens of active ingredients which work in combination to provide comprehensive cognitive-enhancement effects rather than a single chemical compound targeting a limited number of substances in the brain.

The difference between smart drugs and nootropics largely tracks the difference between synthetic pharmaceuticals and products based on natural ingredients.

The already mentioned issues plaguing synthetic smart drugs and their other serious side effects such as insomnia and anxiety, as well as the legal grey area in which the market for such drugs is mired, make a compelling argument in favor of turning to solutions based on natural ingredients.

Natural products stand out as preferable means for achieving desirable mental-enhancement effects like increased attention, mental clarity and speedy, reliable information processing, and will actually benefit the overall health of the brain.

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Geniux Is A Natural Brain Booster

A prime example of a natural product formulated to boost both mental capacity and improve brain health is Geniux. Its creators describe Geniux as a natural “cerebral enhancement complex” which can maximize the brain’s ability to focus and process information over extended periods of time. It offers increased energy levels which take effect within minutes and last for as long as 6 hours.

Geniux improves mental performance and helps you achieve your tasks more efficiently and in a shorter time. For people who need to take in large amounts of information quickly, the increased focus provided by Geniux is a means to ignore distractions, remain alert and motivated, and able to remember more of what they learn.

Geniux contains a combination of strong nootropics to provide superior mental performance while supporting overall brain health.

Geniux is formulated with a special combination of active ingredients to achieve its cognitive enhancement effects.

  • The Tyrosine ingredient in Geniux helps your brain create neurotransmitters in order to boost alertness;
  • Gaba increases the brain’s ability to focus by inhibiting over-excitement;
  • Bacopa Monnieri boosts blood flow to the brain, improving overall cerebral health and cognitive function;
  • The Alpha GPC component of Geniux supports neurotransmitter function and thus gives Geniux its ability to help with cognitive tasks.;
  • Vinpocetine boosts glucose utilization, increasing the brain’s energy levels.
  • Huperzine A inhibits the mechanisms active in breaking down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which play an important role in memory function. It supports Geniux’s beneficial impact on memory function.

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This is why Geniux’s specific formulation of ingredients supports cognitive function and makes the use of Geniux a comprehensive approach to brain enhancement. Geniux is an effective solution to help you achieve better concentration, while supporting overall brain health.

In contrast with energy drinks, which only increase energy levels and alertness, Geniux also supports other functions of the brain essential in intellectual work, such as memory and the ability to focus, due to its cholinergic receptors which benefit the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, as well as stimulating the brain’s NMDA glutamate receptors.

That is why Geniux is touted as one of the most effective brain-enhancement products on the market today.

And unlike synthetic prescription drugs with brain-enhancing effects, which can have negative long-lasting consequences, Geniux is a natural complex which actually supports the health of the brain and allows you to keep the benefits while discarding the ugly side effects.

Furthermore, purchasing a natural nootropic supplement like Geniux is completely legal and may be done over the counter or on the Internet, risk-free.


The Importance Of Research

Before making a choice to use cognitive enhancement supplements like Geniux, it is essential for individual users to research the market and assess the relevant factors to make an informed decision that is right for them.

Using chemicals to alter the function of the brain, the body’s most complex and important organ, should inevitably raise safety concerns for users.

It is useful therefore to ask what is actually desired from the supplement (better attention, energy, focus), what the benefits and possible risks are of taking a specific medication or supplement (addiction, resistance, effects on the brain, etc), and to clarify any issues concerning the legality of procuring such a product.

Besides Geniux, there is a multitude of options for cognitive enhancement on the market, so properly researching the options before making a choice is very important, as each product may have different active ingredients and different mechanisms for boosting brain function.

Most of these options come with associated benefits and risks, which means that under specific circumstances they might not be suitable for everyone.

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Geniux Is A Safe Cognitive Enhancement Complex

Geniux is a natural nootropic. Unlike prescription smart drugs, Geniux is safe and will benefit the brain in the long term.

The advantage of a brain enhancement complex like Geniux, as opposed to prescription drugs like Adderall, substances which are commonly used on college campuses and in high-powered professions across the US, is that it is not riddled by the many shortcomings of the other options.

Geniux is natural and non-addictive, and can be legally purchased without a prescription. Including a supplement such as Geniux in your diet is as natural as taking vitamins or eating quality food.

Furthermore, unlike coffee and energy drinks, which only increase general energy levels while doing little to improve focus, concentration and memory, Geniux provides the additional benefits of mental speed, accuracy, and information processing ability, while being beneficial to the overall health of the brain.

Groups as varied as business executives, college students, and people recovering from stroke stand to benefit from Geniux’s focusing effects.

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