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Is It Time to Get a Trainer?

Is It Time to Get a Trainer?

Are you struggling with your weight loss and fitness goals? Do you want to have a professional help you out? It would be great—not to mention a sure confidence boosting—to hire a personal trainer who will be with you every step of the way, but before you call your friend’s recommendation, know if you’re ready to have one:

How much are you willing to spend?

Personal trainers aren’t cheap. Normally, they cost around $50 an hour, more if you’re getting somebody who’s been in the business for years (or have trained the likes of Madonna and Beyonce). So even if you work out for only an hour for 3 times a week, you’re actually spending $600 a month for a single person.

Of course, trainers that command this price are already professional, which means they have the proper training, experience, and certification to teach. Nevertheless, $600 still remains a huge cut from your budget, so you have to seriously consider it.

Why do you need a personal trainer in the first place?

Although physical trainers are perfect for any of your weight loss or fitness goals, there are times when they are more needed:

  • You have to lose weight fast. This is especially important when weight loss can significantly reduce your risk of certain diseases including diabetes.
  • You are training for a more strenuous physical activity. Perhaps you’re thinking of running a marathon or competing in any sport.
  • You’ve suffered from a physical injury. Personal trainers are part of sports medicine.
  • You require a more specialized type of fitness program.

How much time can you spend with a personal trainer?

This is actually a very important question. First, you want to make the most of your financial investment with a personal trainer. Second, you don’t like to waste your or your personal trainer’s time simply because you’re always busy.

Third, any kind of goal requires time, so you have to make sure that you can dedicate enough for it.

Are you ready to be pushed?

There’s a good reason why fitness trainers are great in what they do: they are ready to push you to your limit. They don’t want to listen to your excuses simply because they know that you can do and give more. They will let you repeat certain routines as many times as you can until you wet your shirt. They can be very critical with your unhealthy habits and mind your diet and fitness goals. Unless you’re open to being challenged and listen to their analysis and suggestions, you are better off without a trainer for now.

Getting a fitness trainer is not a very easy decision to do. It affects many things in your life, such as your time, budget, and even outlook. He can challenge you even sometimes to the point of frustration. But know that the best trainers only have one goal in their minds, and that is to make you a better and fitter person.