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It’s time to change yourself!


Aren’t you tired of feeling down and upset about your body? Don’t feel capable of changing your habits without the constant help of a profesional? Can’t commit enough to workout every single day? Well, my friend, we’ve all been there. That’s the real story of a former chubby girl who’s spent way too long complaining about her body instead of ... Read More »

Top 6 Secrets to Losing Weight


Do you ever wonder why some women are able to lose weight and keep it for a long, long time? The secrets are finally out now: 1. Count calories. Counting calories is never easy for the simple reason it takes a lot of time. Imagine doing it every time you eat and in each food you consume. However, losing weight ... Read More »

Thinking of Having a Weight Loss Surgery? Consider These First


Over the last few years, more people are considering weight loss surgery as a way to reduce or eliminate obesity. In the United Kingdom alone, the number of patients has increased to over 500% within the last 6 years. Keep in mind, however, that simply because other are doing it doesn’t have to mean it’s the best option for you. ... Read More »

Central Obesity and What It Means to Women


Just because you look slimmer than the other women doesn’t have to mean that you’re healthy. In fact, that’s a dangerous way of thinking since it prevents you from knowing more about weight loss and fat. For instance, some fats are plain harmful, and the most worrisome is the visceral fat. The Key Things to Know about Abdominal Fat You ... Read More »

Green Tea and Weight Loss: Are They Related to Each Other?


You have heard it over and over again. Weight loss supplements usually include it as their “primary” ingredient. With all these types of information bombarding you, you can’t help but ask, “Can green tea truly help me lose weight?” Let us find out. Where does green tea fit into the whole weight loss picture? For you to understand and even ... Read More »

How to Lose Weight by Simple Efforts


Once you gain some weight, it is never easy to lose the same. If you are suffering from fatness and have recently tried many tricks to lose some weight, you will agree to the aforementioned statement. You must have thoroughly searched on the internet regarding different methods to lose weight and must have gone through various periodicals for this purpose. ... Read More »