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An Easy Guide to Reading Nutrition Labels


Ever since I learned to buy food for myself, I developed a curiosity—or even fascination—with food labels. There should be there for a reason. It was not when I tried to research about them that I discovered they are more than pieces of glued or printed labels. The Importance of Learning How to Read Labels “Why do I have to ... Read More »

Sleepy after Meals: Know the Reason Why


Carrie is a very active girl. She runs marathons and works out at least an hour three times a week. Yet she seems to suffer a problem that is also common among men and women alike: every time she eats a big meal, she tends to fall asleep quickly. So what causes it? Normally people experience sleepiness after eating a ... Read More »

The Twinkies Diet and the Power of Calorie Counting


We all know that calories matter in nutrition and weight loss, but is it the ultimate factor to living healthy? This question reminds me of the famous Twinkies diet. In case you didn’t hear it, let me refresh your memory. It was about 4 years ago when a college professor when on a Twinkies diet for 10 straight weeks. For ... Read More »

Living the Life of the Blue Zone People


What’s a person’s life expectancy? According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. population can live up to 78.7 years old. Further, more than 2 million people die every year, with almost 600,000 of them due to heart disease. Cancer still remains one of the deadliest, killing over 570,000 men, women, and children. While life expectancy over the ... Read More »

No Mayo Please! How to Eat Well in Restaurants


It’s the weekend, and you wish to treat yourself to a fancy dinner in a restaurant. While your accomplishments are certainly worth celebrating, that should not stop you from eating well. We have 3 guides: Really, you don’t need much on your salad! Usually, when women want to eat healthy while dining out, they order a salad with fresh lettuce, ... Read More »

Soylent: Is This the Food of the Future?


Sometime in the 1970s, a dystopian movie entitled Soylent Green gave us a glimpse of what the future is like when critical issues such as overpopulation aren’t prevented today. In the story, New York City already has over 35 million people, which easily drained the very limited resources including food, housing, and jobs. In order to curb food shortage, they ... Read More »

Can You Trick Your Brain to Eat Healthy? Science Says So!


Losing weight has always been a struggle for many, especially for those who are already in their thirties and forties. Around this age, metabolism slows down, and thus, their body burns fewer calories. If they have dieted and exercised before, they may have to double such efforts now to lose or maintain their weight. A huge part of the weight ... Read More »

The Science behind Cohen Diet

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Obesity is no longer a lifestyle issue: it’s a disease, a pandemic. According to World Health Organization, more than 250 million all around the globe are already diagnosed as clinically obese. It’s also now considered as one of the major causes of chronic disorders including cardiovascular diseases, a number of cancers, and diabetes. Obesity may also be linked to infertility ... Read More »

Nutrition and It’s Essential Components


Nutrition can be defined as food taken in to meet the body’s requirement. The body’s daily requirement of calories for a normal active adult ranges from 2700-3000 calories for men and 2200-2400 for women. This difference is based on the different activity levels and other requirements. But is number calories taken the full meaning of nutrition? No, of course not! Nutrition also refers to ... Read More »

Are You Sure It’s Organic?


You’ve read about it in a health blog, you’ve seen it in the news, you’ve heard Dr. Oz talking about it. It doesn’t come as a surprise that you’re interested or following an organic diet. In fact, you’re excited to call yourself an advocate of it. But are you sure that what you’re eating is really organic? What You Should ... Read More »