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How to Travel around the World and Feel Safe


The world is your stage, and it’s yours to own and conquer. Over the last few years, we’ve seen more women traveling around the globe with their girlfriends or by themselves. And while the experiences are giving them worth-treasuring memories, they are also becoming more vulnerable to different types of crime including rape, theft, and abduction. In life, nothing is ... Read More »

Ladies, It’s Time to Own a Pet


Do you have a pet? Do you love it like it’s the next best thing in the world—or probably a whole lot better than your best? Don’t worry! You’re actually not alone. Although it’s possible that it’s purely incidental, but according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), there’s an inverse relationship between child birth and pet adoption, ... Read More »

Why You Can Lose Your Hair and What to Do about It


To say that the hair is the crowning glory of women is perhaps an understatement. You simply have to know how much we are willing to spend on shampoo and other hair-related services. One time, I spent close to a thousand dollars for a Brazilian blowout and an incredible makeup from a renowned LA makeup artist for my sister’s wedding. ... Read More »

3 Changes You Can Do to Make You Happier


While everybody deserves to be happy, happiness does not really come on a silver platter. You have to seek it and own it. That could mean doing some changes in your life. Today, commit yourself to the following: Let the Sunshine In Haven’t you noticed how you seem to perk up when you wake up with such a gorgeous sunshine? ... Read More »

The 3 Powers That Help You Become More Inspired


Hey, who doesn’t need inspiration? In fact, we need that regularly. Inspiration makes us happy, contented, excited, and motivated. It paves the way to help us find our purpose and meaning in life. When we’re inspired, we are more than likely to be good to ourselves and to others. Getting inspiration, however, is a completely different matter. It’s not easy ... Read More »

5 Things Smart Women Do with Money

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Do not just be a financially independent woman—be a smart one. Emulate these 5 characteristics of money-savvy women: They keep track of their credit score. If there is one thing that remains a constant requirement when you’re applying for loans, it is your credit score, and a healthy one means better debt terms for you. In fact, some companies use ... Read More »

Family Dinners Can Save Kids from Cyberbullying


Bullying is becoming a growing concern among governments and societies all around the world. Although some experts suggest that the rate of bullying has declined over the years, it doesn’t change the fact many are still victims of it. In the United States alone, more than 18% of children between grades 9 and 12 had reported being bullied. In study ... Read More »

Beat the Stress during the Holidays


The holidays are supposed to be fun and memorable. But they can also be a source of extreme stress. According to a poll conducted by the American Psychological Association, almost 50% see the holidays as severely stressful. In fact, it can increase the risk of getting sick or feeling depressed. Holidays and stress will always go hand in hand. The ... Read More »

8 Tips to Become More Money Smart


Money is one of the most needed commodities in the world, but it’s also very finite. Although you can’t stop it from depleting, you can learn how to use it more wisely. We have 8 tips you can begin with:  1. Live within your means.  There’s no other way to get out of debt or live comfortably than to spend ... Read More »

How Change in Lifestyle Can Help You Minimize Depression


There are many diseases that can affect your routine functions of life. Among them there is a very disastrous disease known by the name of “depression”. This is a combination of diseases and not many people exactly know that they can tackle it down with their personal efforts. One of the efforts can be the change of lifestyle. This sounds ... Read More »