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Is It Time to Get a Trainer?


Are you struggling with your weight loss and fitness goals? Do you want to have a professional help you out? It would be great—not to mention a sure confidence boosting—to hire a personal trainer who will be with you every step of the way, but before you call your friend’s recommendation, know if you’re ready to have one: How much ... Read More »

To Keep Yourself Fit, Hydrate

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While you can always blame inexperience, stress, and exhaustion as reasons why you can’t last in a workout for too long, it’s also possible that the real culprit is dehydration. I remember a few years ago when I hired a personal trainer to help me lose the extra pounds. In days that he won’t be around to accompany me in ... Read More »

Why Apple Watch May Be What You Need to Lose Weight and Stay Fit


Just in case you haven’t been keeping tabs of the news, Apple, the same company behind the iconic iPhone and iPad, has just launched a couple of new products including an “update” to their highly popular smart phone last September 9. But what’s keeping everyone talking about is the new gadget called Apple watch. Previously rumored to be known as ... Read More »

Postpartum Baby Weight: How to Finally Keep It Off


Certainly you’re excited to give birth and finally see your baby you’ve been keeping in your tummy for almost a year. Yet in the back of your mind, you can’t help but heave a sigh of relief. Finally, you can go back to your regular activities and, most of all, drop the excess weight. You do have the right to ... Read More »

Tabata: Is It the Fitness Regimen for Busy Women?


Perhaps you have all the intention to exercise and lose weight. It’s just that no matter what you do, you cannot find time to do it. You’re always busy: with work, with the home, with school, or with other things that also consume a lot of time. Although busyness should never be an excuse not to meet your fitness goals–if ... Read More »

Still Not Losing Weight? Have Your Thyroid Checked

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Melissa Smith, 31, is an avid runner. She hopes to run the Boston Marathon within a year’s time. But over the last few weeks, she was having some issues with her energy level. Unlike before, she now gets tired quite quickly. For some reason, too, despite reducing her caloric intake, especially when it comes to fat and sugar, she continues ... Read More »

Fitness Addiction: It’s Real


Mike, 31, was a self-confessed health buff. Having been a team captain in his high school’s football team, he learned at such a young age how to take care of his body. He also discovered the many benefits of being physically fit. “I feel that when your body is healthy, the rest including the mind is healthy. I get good ... Read More »

Enjoy a Longer and Healthier Life with Exercise


Exercise is something that all of us hear about as an essential and much beneficial activity for everyone of any gender or age group. Unluckily in the present age we have got habitual of sedentary life style and we have a lot to do and we just fail to manage time for such a healthy exercise. Most of us consider ... Read More »

How to Know About Your Fitness Level?


Fitness is defined as one’s physical condition of health. Maintaining fitness in today’s fast paced world is the greatest milestone to achieve. Unless you have a routine that allows you time to visit a gym, just go for a run or maybe just do exercise steps at home, or else it is very difficult to maintain physical fitness. The inability to keep ourselves ... Read More »

Maintain Your Fitness During Pregnancy Intervals


The life in present is stressed and uneasy circumstances surely require some special efforts in order to maintain your health. This is very crucial for those ladies which are going through the stages of pregnancy. This is not easy to do special activities in the times of pregnancy as pregnancy demands precautions and due care. However, it is not very ... Read More »